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The release of a new mainstream Submariner http://www.firstreplicarolex.co.uk/ model is a special occasion. It is a substantial tone that isn't too bright or dark. The dial is metallic, while Rolex http://www.watchrex.co.uk/ calls „Green Gold.“ There is another reason for the green face – to help get existing Submariner http://www.replicasrolex.me.uk/ buyers to get one. If you have a previous generation Submariner http://www.replicarolexuksale.co.uk/ there isn't huge incentive to upgrade unless you are „that type of person.“ But with a new dial color, and potentially new personality, existing fans will see reason to add to their collection. Thankfully, we now have a Submariner with the famous Rolex Glide-Lock http://www.replicawatchescollection.co.uk/ clasp. This gives the bracelet clasp a special micro-adjust ability that gives it a very precise fit. Plus, you can change the size as often as you like for tighter or looser days. Rolex http://www.2013swisswatches.co.uk/ isn't the first to have a special bracelet clasp like this, but they do it oh so well.

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