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The characteristic flare of the Royal http://www.can-am.ca/…ss-jul10.asp Oak’s integrated lugs and bracelet means that the 36mm 14790 wears in a fashion akin to a 40mm Rolex in look and http://www.roughbeasts.com/wp-blog.php feel. With a full steel bracelet to add mass and wrist presence, the 14790 does not read as a small watch; it reads as a Royal Oak. Even the “engine” beneath the hood of the Royal Oak 14790 http://www.fungionline.org.uk/thankyou.html continues the model line’s early tradition of employing Jaeger-LeCoultre base calibers. In the case of the first 39mm “Jumbo,” motive power was provided by the thin JLC caliber 920 doing business as the AP cal. 2121; the 14790 http://www.repton-pc.gov.uk/log.html utilizes a robust AP cal. 2225 (later 2325) based on the JLC 889. Until 2000, Audemars Piguet owned 40% of JLC, and http://www.garantplus48.ru/sendform.php much of the later development work on these movements was a collaborative http://www.tissotfamily.com/…defaults.asp effort.